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Beauty Tips




When you have a job interview looming on the not-too-distant horizon, it's totally normal to start worrying about all sorts of things, including what you're planning to do with your hair. We've all heard about how first impressions are everything and that if you mess it up, failure is the only possible outcome, if not some kind of certain, painful death. Well, we're here to tell you that in actual fact, it's pretty hard to mess up your hair badly enough to ruin a job interview and, under no circumstances will your prospective employers eat you alive (mostly because it's not legal, but still)!


There are plenty of ways to help keep your hair looking professional and perfectly under control, which will free up some headspace so you can focus on dazzling your would-be boss with your great resume and undeniable employability!


Be yourself

The main thing is to concentrate on what you want to say which means you need to feel comfortable and confident with the way you look. A great way to do this is with a polished version of your favorite go-to hairstyle. For example, if you tend to pull your hair back into a pony or bun most days, go for a regular bun are all great options for a professional look. Just try to keep your locks nice and sleek so you look really put-together. A quick and easy way to do this is by applying Aquage's beyond body thermal spray and then running a flat iron through hair before you whip it up into your chosen style.  


Use your head

In the vast majority of possible job interview situations, edgy hairstyles like mohawks, bright colours, grunge hair, unwashed hair or even unbrushed hair will not be well received. Skip anything that could be perceived as chaotic or especially unconventional in favor of simpler styles such as a polished pony, braid, straight bob, smooth blowout etc. It can also be a good idea to get a second opinion from a partner or roommate if you aren't sure you've toned things down enough. Of course, you shouldn't suppress your personality completely, merely allow any prospective employers to focus on what you're saying rather than how they may or may not feel about your appearance.


In conclusion...

Whichever way you decide to style your hair, make sure you wash it the night before and choose something simple and classic. If you're prone to fiddling with your hair when nervous, go for an up-do so you won't have the option of doing so and avoid any outrageous accessories.

When you get glasses, whether for the first time or simply an updated pair, choosing the right hairstyle to go with them suddenly becomes more important than previously thought (not necessarily in reality, merely in our heads). There aren't really any rules when it comes to choosing the right style to go with your new frames, just a couple of things to bear in mind that will help you choose a stunning look as opposed to an ok one.


Start with your part (mostly because it rhymes...) With glasses, where you decide to part your hair just doesn't matter. Side, center,other side - it's all good. Just go for whatever you feel most comfortable and confident with! If you have bangs, however, it may make more sense lean more towards a side part than anything else.


Own your texture

If you have curly hair, opt for defined curls or relaxed waves. If you pair your new specs with long corkscrews, chances are your face will become slightly overwhelmed. So, keep things simple and style with products such as Aquage's curl defining creme for creating soft, silky, diffused curls without the frizz. To make hair appear even sleeker, it's also a good idea to blow-dry using Aquage's Sea Extend Silkening Oil Treatment to seal in hair color, restore moisture and add brilliant shine all while protecting the hair against heat styling.


Get creative

As long as your glasses are one colour, they won't detract any attention from your hairstyle, allowing you to experiment till your heart's content with everything from dip dyes to platinums to ombres.


A great go-to style

One of our favorite looks for glasses is a messy ponytail. It works really well with tapered bangs and can be dressed up or down really easily, depending on the occasion!

The main thing is just to keep trying new and different styles until you find the one - or a couple - that feel right for you. That way, you'll always have a great beauty look to rock when you need one!

Tousled, romantic braid hairstyles are perfect for all kinds of occasions, whether it's date night or an afternoon at the beach. It's a feminine and very pretty hairstyle that works really well with understated or sophisticated makeup and just about any outfit. An artfully disheveled braid is oh so simple to recreate as it's basically just a regular braid, combined with volumized, wavy hair and a little bit of careful teasing. You'll need Eufora's Sea Spritz, Blow-dryer, Eufora's Powder Lift, Hair elastic bands, & Bobby pins.


Step one

Starting with damp hair, spray Eufora's Sea Spritz evenly over your hair. Then, twist a section and blow-dry. Repeat through all of your hair and then run your fingers through all your hair to break up the twists.


Step two

Next, apply Eufora's Powder lift to your roots and massage your scalp with your fingers to create extra volume and lift. If your feel your hair is still a little flat at this point, tease the top part of your hair before moving on to the next step.


Step three

Divide your hair into three sections and braid loosely down from the nape of your neck. For added romance, you could try a French braid technique, starting halfway down the back of your head. Secure with a hair elastic band when you reach the ends.


Step four

Fix any unwanted flyaways with bobby pins and use your fingers to pull the braid apart. You can also mess the top and sides with your fingertips for extra texture if necessary.


Step five

Finish with a generous amount of hairspray to lock in your style and you're done!

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